What size electric tankless water heater Should I Purchase

What size electric tankless water heater Should I Purchase?

Tankless water heaters are popular for the benefits associated with them. They are small in size and lightweight. Mount them on a wall or install them under sink. They will take less space than a tank water heater and supply hot water continuously. Choosing electric tankless water is not a simple task. What size would be perfect to meet your hot water needs? It is the question that first comes to mind before buying an electric tankless water heater. Let’s try to find out the answer. What size electric tankless water heater do I need calculator can help you find a right size water heater.

What size electric tankless water heater do I need calculator?

No matter you are buying an electric tankless water heater or a propane tankless water heater selecting the right size is important. There is no point in investing money on a water heater that is too large to meet your needs. You will be paying unnecessary energy bills. Similarly, you should not purchase a too small tankless water heater as it will not provide enough hot water to meet your large home requirements.

The following are a few things you need to consider while buying an eclectic tankless water heater.”

  • How many gallons per minute you would need at the time of peak consumption. You need to determine the maximum number of devices you would run and their flow rate.
  • You need to determine the required temperature rise. You can calculate it by subtracting/deducting the incoming water temperature from the desired output temperature.

*Incoming water temperature – desired output temperature

How much water do you need at a time?

Buying a right-sized tankless water heater is necessary if you want to save money on energy bills each month. But it is only possible when you can do the math. Before purchasing a tankless water heater, determine how much water you need at a time. Do you need to run two showers and a faucet at the same time?

If you are running two showers at the same time, you would need a tankless water heater with a flow rate of 5GPM.

How to choose a tankless water heater?

You know what size of a tankless water heater would meet your hot water requirements. But there are other factors as well that can affect your buying decision. Tankless water heaters are powered by gas, propane, and electricity. Now you have to decide what type of water heater would be best according to your budget.

If you buy an electric tankless water heater, then you do not need to install venting facilities. They do not produce any greenhouse gases, so; they are environment-friendly too. However, you may need to replace your current electricity service panel as their amperage requirements are high.

If you install a gas tankless water heater, then you do not need to change your electrical service panel. But in case of an indoor gas tankless water heater, you need to install venting facilities to emit gases. It increases the installation cost.

Whole house vs. point of use:

Installing a point of use electric tankless water heater for a tiny home makes sense. Most people choose one to provide hot water for the whole house. But if you need to run multiple devices at the same time, then installing a whole-house electric tankless water heater is the right choice.

An electric tankless water heater is the best way to do. It will not take a lot of space, and you would be able to install it anywhere. Also, it will heat water instantly, and you will not have to wait long-standing in the bathroom to get hot water. You will not run out of hot water when you have installed an efficient electric tankless water heating device.

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What size electric tankless water heater Should I Purchase?