Are you looking for some Best Tankless Water Heater brands that may not just fulfill your hot water requirements but are also very affordable? If yes, then this is hands down the best place to know different hot water heater brands you should know.

6 Best Tankless Water Heater Brand Products:

Gas Tankless Water Heater


Best Tankless Natural Gas Hot Water Heater Brands:

There are a lot of Tankless Water Heater Companies out there from which some are experts in making gas water heaters while the others are Good at making propane or electric ones. Down here, we have mentioned some of the best natural gas hot Tankless water heater companies that you can go for:

Raheem Tankless water heater brand

1. Rheem Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters:

If you want to install a gas water heater, then it must have venting kits.

These kits are important for safe gas ventilation. Rheem (official website) brand makes its devices for outdoor installation; thus, such kits are not required. Green house gas emission (official Gov website) is also reduced as this brand’s water heaters have low NOx feature. It really helps in protecting our environment and makes it more energy efficient. You can also use most of the Best Rheem Tankless Water Heaters at high altitude.

Rinnai tankless water heater brand 2019

2. Rinnai Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters:

Rinnai is a brand that is one of the best in making Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters. One of the best features that the water heaters of this brand have is the large flow rate which can reach up to nine GPM ( Gallons Per Minute ). Rinnai (official website)   is great for the homes that need two bathrooms used at the same time. If you want it for the commercial use, then you can rest assured that your commercial hot water requirements will be fulfilled without any problem.

If you really want to save your hard-earned money on heating bills, then you should definitely consider this brand as this company’s water heaters have a high thermal efficiency that makes them energy efficient.

Takagi tankless water heater brand

3. Takagi Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters:

This brand’s products are capable enough to utilize state-of-the-art skills on the systems. For maintaining and monitoring combustion on all the products all the time, its products have a feature of the air-fuel ratio sensor. Its work is to adjust the speed of the fan motor, making sure that the fuel and air have enough ratio. Water efficiency is improved, and its products also reduce gas emissions. The large water flow and compact size of its products allow you to utilize it as a commercial and residential water heating unit.

Eccotemp tankless water heater brand

4. Eccotemp Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters:

The Eccotemp is also a very well-known brand that makes Portable Tankless Gas water heating systems. The flow rate of its products is small, which is about 3.5 GPM. This brand’s products are mainly for travel use; that’s why the flow rate is okay and can meet your hot water demands. These systems can provide you hot water is just five secs. Installation and usage of these systems are also very simple.

If you want a water heating system for your home or commercial use, then you are looking into a very wrong place, but if you are a camper and need a portable water heater, then this one is the best option for you.

Noritz tankless water heater brand

5. Noritz Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters:

For reducing the gas emission, its products have a low NOx feature. And on venting, the copper and stainless steel heater provide more choice. Its units can be used to provide hot water to two to three bathrooms at the same time. The products are also easy to install and use.

Navien tankless water heater brand

6. Navien Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters:

There are two series of this brand available, one of them is NPE-standard and the second one is the NPE-advanced. For reducing Green House Gas and energy consumption, it also adopts the condensing technology. This technology offers up to 0.99 EF or 0.97 UEF, which make it energy efficient. You also don’t need to purchase extra pump as it has a re-circulation pump and an internal buffer tank. The cost of this brand’s products can be a little higher than the other brands, but it is more efficient, and performance is also better, which is worth the price.

Best Tankless Electric Water Heater Brands 2020:

The Electric Tankless Water Heating units reduce the need of fitting venting kits and you can use them anywhere you want. But if you select the bad electric water heating, then it can lead you towards the heavy electric bills and also heavy maintenance charges. So, to make the selection process easy for you, we have listed a few Best Tankless Electric Water Heater (Reviews of Electric Tankless Water Heater) Brands:

Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater brand

1. Stiebel Tankless Electric Water Heater:

For the Tempra plus series of the Stiebel electric water heaters, it has large power. It can support complete power modulation and can be perfectly utilized for commercial usage. For automatically regulating the pressure of water, it has a built-in advanced control system.

Ecosmart tankless water heater brand

2. EcoSmart Tankless Electric Water Heater:

This brand is one of the best experts in making the Electric Water Heaters. For modulating the consumption which is definitely based on the water demand, its products use self-modulating technology. Compact and small designs also make it simple to install and use their units.

Bosch tankless water heater brands 2019

3. Bosch Tankless Electric Water Heater:

The Bosch Tankless Electric Water Heating Units are well-liked for the portable shape and compact size. You can easily and efficiently install its units under your kitchen sink because of its compact size. Also, fast recovery on the hot water decreases waiting time.

Best Tankless Propane Hot Water Heater Brands 2020:

The working condition and principle of the Tankless Propane Water Heaters are quite the same as the gas ones. The leading natural gas water heater brands are also experts in making propane ones. The following are the best propane water heating systems brands:

1. Rinnai Tankless Propane Water Heaters:

For reducing the waste of energy, this brand adopts a low NOx feature. Just like the Rinnai gas tankless water heating units, the Rinnai propane tankless heaters are also very well-liked. You can also use these for commercial areas.

2. Navien Tankless Propane Water Heaters:

The products of this brand adopt different advanced technologies, particularly the condensing feature. This technology is important for reducing energy consumption and also the emissions of carbon oxide.

3. Takagi Tankless Propane Water Heaters:

The T-KJr-IN-LP series of Takagi tankless propane water heater brand is very well-known. High flow rate and large water temp range allow supporting the endless hot water for both laundry and bathing.

Tankless water heater brands 2019

Brand Comparison Of The Tankless Water Heaters:

You can get confused about which tankless water heating unit you should choose as there are a lot of brands out there working successfully in the industry. So here’s the comparison of brands so that the decision making can be made simple for you:

  • Rheem Vs. Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters:

The Rinnai Company is expert in making only gas water heating units. Rheem is expert in making both propane or gas and electric water heating units.

Size: The electric water heaters of Rheem are usually lightweight, weighing about ten pounds and can take less space once fitted. The Rheem gas tankless water heaters can weigh up to sixty pounds but are still lighter than the Rinnai Water Heaters.

Energy Efficiency: The thermal efficiency of both Rheem and Rinnai tankless water heating units differs a lot. A few of them can go up to 0.94 while a few can just have 0.82. Therefore, you will find the same energy efficiency on the products of both brands.

Flow Rate: The Rinnai water heating units can range up to nine GPM while on the other hand, the Rheem water heaters can just range eight GPM.

  • Rinnai Vs. Navien Tankless Water Heaters:

Rinnai and Navien are both famous brands that are experts in making tankless propane and gas water heating units.

best tankless hot water heater brands

Size: The average size of both brands’ products is quite similar. The weighting of the products is about ninety pounds. The Rinnai brand makes its tankless water heaters in a dark grey color that looks more modern. While conversely, the Navien brand products are made if the white color, which is simple and can fit with almost all the ornamentation styles.

Energy Efficiency: The Navien water heating units’ thermal efficiency can get up to 0.95. The hot-selling kinds of Rinnai water heating devices can also go up to 0.95, but for others, the standard thermal efficiency is just 0.82.

Flow Rate:  The Rinnai tankless hot water heating systems have a large flow rate which can reach up to 9.5 Gallons per minute. While on the other hand, the Navien products have average flow rate which can reach up to eight to nine GPM, a few can even have eleven gallons per minute which are great for the commercial usage. So if you are willing to get a large capacity or large flow rate Tankless Water Heating Units, then these brands are the perfect options.