12 Simple Steps To Maintain The Tankless Water Heater


Over time, our Best Tankless Water heaters might accrue mineral build up which can corrode the walls inside the reservoir’s heating chamber. To appropriately maintain and clean the tankless water heater, it is significant to flush such mineral deposits once a year as a minimum.

Pursue the following twelve-step process to guarantee the best tankless water heater efficiency and performance.

Please go through all of the directions before starting, as you will desire to have all of the essential supplies ready for the procedure.

1. Turn Off The Power:

First of all, switch off the power source for the Tankless Water Heater. It can be done by turning off the main gas or switching off the circuit breaker for the electrical appliances.

2. Turn Off The Valves:

Close then turn off the three water valves affixed to the tankless water heater. This process will stop cold water from flowing into your water heater and stop hot water from coming out while the cleaning process is going on. The water valves contain a cold water valve that might be blue in color, a hot water valve that might be in red color, and a 3rd main valve that runs the water into the house.

3. Remove The Purge Port:

Then, take away the purge port tap caps slowly from the purge taps to be found on each of the hot and cold water valves. The purge taps have small handles that look like the letter “T.” This process is completed to alleviate any pressure that has built inside your valves and will stop excess hot water from discharging and coming into your contact.

There might be pressure when taking away the purge port tap caps, so it’s very significant to make sure the hot water tap is accurately and completely turn off for safety reasons. Handle every cap cautiously to make sure the rubber washer closeting discs stay in position, which is required for the valves to work correctly.

4. Attach The Hosing Lines:

Now affix the hosing lines to each of your three valves. If the company of the tankless water heater didn’t offer you hosing lines, you could buy them from any retail shop specializing in water heaters or house repair. The hosing lines have to be long adequate to reach between your bucket and the water heater.

You might have to consult the manual given by you Tankless Water Heater’s Company or call the company straight for exact directions regarding this process. In a few cases, this process might need you to utilize a sump pump and attach hoses that will discharge water from your tankless water heater using the hot and cold water taps.

5. Open The Purge Port Valve:

Open your purge port valves by simply twisting the valves perpendicularly to the place of the hot and cold valves.

6. Use Vinegar To Clean The Heater:

Utilize 9.46 liters (2.5 gallons) of pure white vinegar always to clean the water heater in place of chemicals. Since the tankless water heater is almost certainly the source of all the bathing and drinking water, utilizing chemicals for cleaning might be very dangerous to your health.

7. Perform Flushing And Draining:

Carry out the draining and flushing process by following the guidelines given by the company of the tankless water heater. This process might take up to forty-five minutes.

8. Close The Purge Port Valves:

Close your purge port taps by twisting the handle that is “T”-shaped after the flushing procedure has been done.

9. Remove The Hosing Lines:

Then, simply disconnect and take away your hosing lines from every water valve.

10. Replace The Purge Port Valves:

Replace your purge port tap caps onto your purge valves. Tauten the caps firmly and completely without breaking the rubber packaging discs placed inside the caps.

11. Read The Manufacturer’s Manual:

Consult the company’s manual of the tankless water heater for the exact directions on how you can safely restart the water heater. This process might just need you to turn and open the hot and cold water valves, so they are parallel to the place of the main tap that leads into your home.

12. Turn On The Water Valve On The Sink:

Now, turn on the hot water faucet in the sink slowly to let the air pass through the pipe. Carry on running water until it runs progressively without air escaping. This process might take up to two or three minutes.

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