3 Best EcoSmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews; All About Ecosmart Brand!

In the tankless water heater markets, Ecosmart is one of the leading manufacturers. The majority of its products are electric tankless water heating systems. EcoSmart’s all the top-selling tankless water heaters are Eco 11, Eco 18, Eco 27, and Eco 36 series. We will be discussing all of them in detail later in this article.

Best EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters Reviews:

The customers normally praise the tankless water heating machines provided by the Ecosmart brand for the brilliant quality and high energy-efficient systems. Among all of their products, the Eco 27 tankless water heating units are the best selling hot water heating systems. Besides, there are still a few other worth mentioning products. Here we have selected three best EcoSmart tankless water heaters for our readers and provided thorough reviews about these products. So make sure to check all of them out and choose the one that best suits your hot water requirements.

1. EcoSmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater:

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This model is the electric tankless water heating machine and needs 27kw at 240V electricity power to work. The water temp range of this electric tankless water heater is among 80-140 degree Fahrenheit.


  • Self-Modulating Technology:

With this fantastic technology included in this tankless water heater, this device will just heat your water when you’re using the unit; thus, there’s no standby loss of heat, and it can also save much energy for the users. The EcoSmart Company boasts that it is capable of saving about fifty percent in the water heating price, and it proves to be true according to the feedback of the customers. The most remarkable thing on the EcoSmart tankless water heating device is its 99.8 percent energy efficiency, which is really a high eco-friendly product and can really save on a big number of heating charges for you.

  • Work For The Whole House:

The water flow rate of this tankless water heater can really reach up to six gallons per minute in the warm areas while it decreases to three gallons per minute if you are using this tankless water heater in the cold climates. It can really support two showers at the same time; therefore, it is perfect for the small or tiny home use. It’s also able to supply an endless supply of the heated water in use.

  • Small Shape:

This tankless water heater is created simple and can really suit diverse decorations of the house. It’s so small that this tankless water heater can be utilized for the point of use tankless water heater. It is ninety percent lower than the tank water heating units and also far smaller than the other tankless water heaters brands available in the market. You can fir this tankless water heater anywhere you desire or just near the using faucet, so you don’t have to waste much water and time for the heated water to flow. It’s also able to save twelve feet cubic after fitting.

  • Digital Control Panel:

You can easily set the temperature of this water heating unit using a clear operational digital control system. The temperature of the water and the error codes will be shown on the panel for safe use and convenience. You can simply adjust the temperature by using the one degree Fahrenheit increment system and, thus, ideally locate the most appropriate one for the house use.

  • Twenty Years Of Using Time:

The tankless water heating systems by the brand EcoSmart are said to last for twenty years. It can really adopt either stainless steel or copper as the materials for the heating exchanger. While the standard service life of other tankless water heating machines is ten to twelve years, twenty years long, using time is, in fact, a huge attraction. And because no water will be stored as the tank water heating units do, there’s no risk of corrosion for the devices.


  • Space-saving and cash saver
  • Energy saving
  • One degree Fahrenheit increment of the temperature of the water
  • Self-modulating higher system adopted
  • Well made elements of heating
  • Digital control system


  • Disappointed service
  • The water temp can’t be set right as the brand promises
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This tankless water heating unit is also powered by electricity. And this particular model of the tankless water heater is regarded as the most powerful one in the EcoSmart tankless water heating machines line.


  • Simple Installation:

This tankless water heater is super simple to fit, and you would not need any help from any professional to install it as you can do it easy all by yourself. As you acquaint, the price of the professional installation can actually be a huge budget burden; it is capable of assisting you in saving much cash for you. Because of the small shape it has, it is capable of decreasing twelve feet cubic after fitting. You can perfectly fit this tankless water heating device wherever you desire.

  • Endless Supply Of Hot Water:

This tankless water heater is capable of supplying three to eight gallons of the heated water per minute. This tankless system can heat up 3.5 gallons of water in the cold regions and the cold climates, and supply six to eight GPM of hot water in the warm regions. It can also support one sink and one bathroom easily, at the same time, ideal for the large scale single family. But if you want to make use of 3 or 4 bathrooms at the same time, you would better get some other tankless water heater brand.

  • Digital Temp Control:

The water temperature of this tankless machine will be shown on the digital panel. You can increase one degree Fahrenheit at a time; thus, it is capable of locating the most appropriate one for the house. The max water temp is up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But the majority of individuals complain that it is incapable of setting as right as the company boasts.


  • Capable of selecting the exact temp of the water you desire
  • Relatively large water flow rate for your single family
  • Energy efficient
  • Self-modulating control
  • 150 degree Fahrenheit supply of the heated water
  • The most powerful model among the different other EcoSmart tankless water heating machines


  • You have to get a dedicated 150A system
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This tankless water heater isn’t very powerful as the ones mentioned above, and the water temp range is also very low, but it’s portable and more suitable for the tiny house usage.


  • Energy Efficient:

Though created as the small gallons and low water flow rate tankless water heating machine, it also comes with the self-modulating technology. This tankless water heating unit can really heat the water up just when you require it. So it really assists in saving about sixty percent of the electricity bills. When something wrong occurred on its heat exchanger, the lifetime warranty of the company will assist you in changing and repairing it for you.

  • Two Gallons Supply Of Hot Water:

This tankless system can only supply two gallons of the heated water per minute; thus, if you want to acquire one water heating machine for the large family usage, you might get some other model. The temperature of the water this tankless water heating unit can bear reaches just 67 degrees Fahrenheit.


This tankless water heater is very light in weight that you can even use it for traveling or for RV. The small shape of this tankless device can really save much space, whether you fit in your bathroom or just fit it near your sink.

  • Resettable Thermostat:

The digital water temp control system is created convenient and simple to make use of. It also allows the users to reset it and forget it, over and over; thus, you can select the most suitable one for the house.


  • Automated resettable thermostat
  • Two GPM supply of the heated water
  • Sixty percent energy saving
  • Compact
  • Ideal for the tiny home use


  • The water temp isn’t very stable, turns from hot to cold numerous times while using
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About EcoSmart:

As the name of this brand suggests, it aims to offer energy-efficient and small technology tankless water heating devices to all the individuals all across the globe. The brand’s key focus is in the area of the water heating system. This manufacturer works in this field for producing higher technology tankless water heating units both for commercial appliance and residential use. And throughout the western hemisphere, this company builds a fantastic distribution line.

All the tankless water heating units that this manufacturer has produced are ETL Certified to UL 499. It denotes that the devices have gone through the strict North American standards of safety and are really able to supply the best quality and safe tankless water heating machines. The Ecosmart is, in fact, the only tankless water heater brand that is certified through FIDE. FIDE is a Mexican based association that aims to provide the people with projects and programs of innovation and best quality as well as generate the social, economic, and environmental benefits to their country.

EcoSmart’s Technology:

  1. Digital Temp Control:

The EcoSmart tankless water heating devices are equipped with the digital temp control system. This system shows the precise temp on. The digital control allows the users to reset the temp of the water. It can be adjusted by the increment of one degree Fahrenheit at a time; the average temperature of the water ranges from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Patent Self-Modulating Technology:

All the tankless water heating units of EcoSmart are created for activating at twenty-five gallons per minute, and the point of use models also adopt the flow sensor technology of the systems, the flow sensor technology is utilized for modulating the consumption for meeting the demand of the heated water. As is recognized to us, the majority of tankless water heating machines available in the market are operated using the flow switch. This switch is pushed for activating the device when enough heated water is demanded.

But when your demand for the heated water is too low to reach the limit of activation, it might not be activated, or the heated water isn’t enough, especially in cold weather, and that’s the major issue of the other tankless water heaters available in the market these days. With the self-modulating technology, this brand is capable of saving up to fifty percent on the electric heating bills compared with the other storage tank types.

  1. Stainless Steel And Copper Heating Exchangers:

All tankless water heating units from the brand EcoSmart are created either by stainless steel or copper materials. The brass top on such elements averts the electrolysis. And thanks to the stainless steel and copper’s high corrosion resistance performance, they have an extended service life and will last longer than the other materials availed. One thing that is worth stating is that the EcoSmart tankless water heating devices are capable of providing 99.8 percent energy efficiency that is the highest among the entire water heating systems market.

EcoSmart Electric Tankless Water Heater:

As this manufacturer is particularly well-known for the electric tankless water heating systems, it put much of their energy on developing high energy-saving and efficient electric water heating machines. If you are interested in getting a cost-effective and powerful EcoSmart tankless water heating unit for the residential usage, then we’d like to suggest the electric Eco-27 tankless water heating device for you.

EcoSmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater:

The EcoSmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater is one of the hotly demanded and top-selling tankless water heating systems among the whole market of 2019. The water flow rate of this system is six GPM, though not very large, but is ideal for the middle size house usage. The temp range of the water is between 80-140 degrees Fahrenheit. The patented modulating technology is ideally included in this system; it can really save up to fifty percent for the heating bills, and 99.8 percent higher energy efficiency can definitely make this tankless water heater the best choice for the users.

EcoSmart ECO 27

EcoSmart Propane & Gas Tankless Water Heaters:

As we have mentioned earlier, the Ecosmart is one of the leading brands that are manufacturing electric tankless water heating units, so we don’t introduce propane and gas tankless water heating devices of this brand for you. If you have any interest in getting one, then feel free to check more on the official website of EcoSmart. Besides, there’re a lot of other leading companies on providing high-performance propane or natural gas tankless water heating units like Rinnai and Noritz, etc.

We’ve provided clear reviews on all of the companies, and also there’re thorough propane tankless water heating systems reviews as well as the natural gas tankless water heating devices reviews for you, please feel free to take some time on locating the most appropriate tankless water heater for you that can really fulfill all your hot water demands.

Last Words On The EcoSmart Tankless Water Heaters:

EcoSmart tankless water heating devices, for the most part, concentrate on the energy-efficiency, the company effectively reach the energy rating of the units to 99.8 percent, which’s the highest among the tankless water heating devices market. But the water flow rate and the power are comparatively low; therefore, it’s not an ideal option for large family use. If you want to get a tankless water heater for traveling or the one that is small and compact, then you have the best manufacturer.

Because all the wide praised and hot-selling tankless water heating machines of the brand named EcoSmart are electricity-powered, it really decreases the need for installing a venting facility and has less toxic waste compared with propane and gas tankless water heating devices. When you’re short of the gas line at your house, then you can simply go for the electric one as they are also very easily available in the market. EcoSmart offers limited lifelong warranty for the heat exchangers, and the service life of the products of Ecosmart is comparatively long.


If you are still facing a lot of difficulties locating the most suitable tankless water heater for you or you desire to know a little more about the cost and the detailed information of the products, you can simply go on Amazon to check everything out. On Amazon, you will be able to find a lot of great deals and discounts from time to time, which can definitely help you out in saving much cash.