Is there a difference between a mobile home water heater and a regular water heater?

Is there a difference between a mobile home water heater and a regular water heater

When searching for the new Tankless Water Heater, you’ll be confronted with lots of options, all promising to be the most excellent that you’ll locate. A lot of companies will choose aggressive advertising, and even fake claims, only to convince consumers that they’re the most excellent. Don’t be tricked by what they’re uttering. You ought to do some research for coming up with the best choice.

What Is The Difference Between Mobile House & Regular Water Heater?

Among others, one of the primary things that need your attention would be the kind of heater that you’ll buy. That being said, it’s significant that you know the difference between regular and mobile house water heater. If you think that both are the same, you may desire to continue reading and discover how they’re actually diverse from each other.

Before we talk about the key differences between these two, let’s have a glance at what’s a mobile house. It’ll make it simpler for you to comprehend why the heater utilized in such is diverse from a regular water heater.

The Mobile Houses:

Also recognized as a manufactured house, it refers to a small living space that is made particularly for those who are on the go. Conventionally, they’re trailers. In the seventies, in the U.S., the 1974s National Manufacturing Housing Safety and Construction Act has been set. Here came the standards of the manufactured houses. Manufactured and mobile houses have their own set of standards, which were established by the United States HUD. Among others, one of the rules says that just HUD-approved systems will be utilized. Therefore, the regular systems that you have at the house might not be appropriate for the mobile house.

What Are The Differences Between Regular And Mobile House Water Heaters?

Generally, there’re three major things that make a mobile house water heater diverse from the regular one:

  • With mobile house water heaters, you can observe the inlet cold water connection on a side. While the inlet hot water connection is located on its top. It is as opposed to regular ones in which you can find all of the connections on the top of the heater’s tank.
  • In the case of a mobile house water heater, the gas and propane orifices are interchangeable. It is one thing that adds to the higher charges. It, however, is significant for the reason of being capable of utilizing whatever power supply is accessible, whether it is natural gas or propane.
  • A securing band kit is also there when you buy a mobile house water heater, but not with the regular one. The tie is intended to make the fitting simpler.


Now that you have read everything, we hope that you now know the difference between regular and mobile house water heater. The rules set by the U.S. housing and urban department make it obvious that both regular and mobile house water heaters will be different. Become an honest national and make certain to buy just the water heater that is appropriate for your requirements.