Top 7 Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Point of use tankless water heater refers to a heating machine fitted near the application fixture, compared to the normal tankless water heaters, it has a lower flow rate and is smaller, allows fulfilling the demand of one kitchen sink and one bathroom only. It comes with a broad range of applications, because of its compact and small shape; you can utilize it for your small tiny house, camping, RV, or traveling.

You can also hook this heater up on the hot water side to assist you in reducing the waiting time for the hot water.after installing this water heater you will get instant hot water in seconds.

The best point of use tankless water heater is capable of bringing you the best experience in hand washing or bathing, the cost of which is usually lower than the normal one, and the service life is also long. For assisting you in getting the most appropriate one, we have compiled a list of best-rated point of use tankless heater reviews for you.

7 Best Point of Use Tankless Water Heater Comparison Chart:

IMAGE PRODUCT Dimensions Weight
Sio Green Point Of Use IR260
Sio Green IR260 14.3 x 12.8 x 4.4 inches 6.75 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
EcoSmart-11 Tankless water heater 2020
Eco-Smart 11 3.8 x 8 x 11.5 inches 6.5 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
Rheem RTEX-13
Rheem-RTEX-13 4 x 9 x 13 inches 4 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
Ecosmart 3.5 POU
Ecosmart 3.5 POU 3 x 11 x 6 inches 4 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch-Tronic 2.5-Gallon Mini-Tank
Bosch- Tronic 2.5-Gallon Mini Tank 13.8 x 10.8 x 13.8 inches 15.5 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
Camplux-ME25-Mini Tank
Camplux ME25 Mini Tank 18.8 x 13.2 x 12.2 inches 17.2 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON
Ecosmart-ECO-MINI-120V-2.5-Gallon 2020 tankless electric water heater
Eco-smart ECO MINI 120V 2.5-Gallon 16.2 x 11 x 11 inches 15.8 lbs CHECK ON AMAZON


Best Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heater Reviews:

According to the basic requirement of the residential hot water usage, the point of use tankless units are usually fitted in the baths for a shower and under the sink for washing in kitchen. With the two diverse applications, we also suggested diverse kinds of point of use water heaters.

<<<For The Shower Usage>>>

1. Sio Green Point Of Use IR260 Electric Tankless Water Heaters:

This point of use water heater is also an electric one, needing 220v for everyday usage. It’s capable of supplying endless hot water, so you don’t have to be anxious about running out of hot water while taking a shower. It can be broadly utilized in small bathrooms, kitchens, storage, RV, sinks, and small cabins.

Sio Green Point Of Use IR260


The stylish and compact shape makes it simple to be utilized and fitted anywhere possible.

When in working, the electric heater produces heat without the direct contact with metals, thus there’s no corrosion for the heating parts and don’t require frequent maintenance. The life of this device is also pretty long. No venting is needed, and superior efficiency can save much cash every month.

  • No frequent maintenance required
  • No corrosion
  • Simple operated digital temperature control Features
  • A broad range of applications because of the portable and compact design
  • Short waiting time for the water
  • High efficiency
  • Hot water output isn’t so steady.

2. EcoSmart 11 Tankless Water Heater:

This tankless heater is a compact and small one for the shower use, it can bear the max temperatures up to sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, and can supply up to two gallons of hot water per minute. When you’re taking a shower, it’s able to supply constant hot water.

EcoSmart 11


The compact shape allows you to fit it in small or tiny studios; you can also utilize it for camping use and RV because of its lightweight and portable. Installation of this machine is pretty Easy; you can do it by yourself.

The self-modulation technology is set to begin heating up the cold water just when you require it, thus saves about sixty percent of the electric bill every year. It’s a digital temp control panel and an automatically resettable thermostat; you’re capable of adjusting the exact temperature you desire.

  • Self-modulation technology
  • Saves Energy & Money on bills
  • Lifelong warranty
  • Portable and compact shape Electric tankless water heater
  • Easy to install
  • Digital temperature control
  • Water temperature isn’t so stable in the using process

3. Rheem-RTEX-13 240 Volts Residential Heating Chamber Water Heater:

This tankless water heater is a best-selling type available. It’s capable of supplying constant hot water with its four gallons water flow rate per minute and is the ideal one for supporting one shower usage. It can really heat the water up fast, takes about fifteen seconds for the hot water to flow, and once in usage, the water temperature will keep stable continually.

Rheem RTEX-13 240V For Tiny House


It’s highly energy-efficient, can save a huge sum of cash for water costs every month.

With the digital control panel, you’re capable of adjusting water temperature simply.temperature shows on its screen, and the error codes also appear when in the wrong operation. The small and compact shape allows you to install it anywhere in your bath for showering. The most commendable feature is its unbeatable cost; this unit can be regarded as the most cost-effective heater.

  • Less using price on the electricity bill
  • Digital temperature settings & accurate readout
  • Affordable cost
  • Cash saver on installation and using
  • Appropriate for point of use and the studio family
  • Multiple stranded cable makes the connection much simpler
  • Can only support one shower

<<<For the Bathroom/Kitchen Sink Usage>>>

1. Ecosmart 3.5 Point of Use Tankless Electric Water Heater:

The max flow rate of this small tankless water heater is just 0.5 GPM. Thus it can be utilized for sink only. But it’s still capable of supporting continuous hot water thanks to the tankless design. It comes with the flow control mechanism, which denotes the temp will adjust automatically according to your water flow rate.

Ecosmart POU 3.5/6 Point-Of-Use Water Heater Reviews


The energy-efficiency can reach as high as 99.8 percent; it denotes nearly no heat loss happens in the entire process, saves up sixty percent on the charges every month.

You can wall-mount it near the tap or simply Place it underwater sink because of its compact design, among all the Eco-Smart tankless heater, it is the lightest and smallest. But you have to acquaint that it can’t be utilized for running anything more than one sink .

  • Save up sixty percent on bills
  • High energy efficient
  • A broad range of applications
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Appropriate for the under sink usage
  • Flow control system
  • Take some secs for the hot water

2. Bosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon Mini Tank Electric Water Heater:

It is actually a small point of use tank water heater, but as its small, you can install it perfectly under your sink for dishes washing. But it can support only one sink, not appropriate for toilet usage. Operation of it is very simple, you can plug it into an outlet, and there’s no complicated equipment required.

Bosch Tronic 2.5-Gallon


Installation of it takes about one hour if you have some basic knowledge. It can be floor mounted, or wall hung either.

The max flow rate of this heater is 2.5 GPM, able to support constant hot water. But the water temp might not be so stable in the using time. Once open, it can transfer the heated water fast, shortens the distance between heater and tap, and thus reduces the long waiting period for hot water.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy usage
  • Short waiting time for the water
  • Easy installation
  • Flawless hot water support
  • Lack of consistency in the water temp

3. Camplux ME25 Mini-Tank Electric Water Heater:

The water flow rate of this machine is 2.5 GPM so that you can utilize it in the kitchen station, sink, attic, garage, RV, and even on your boat. It’s able to supply constant water whenever you require it.



The grass-lined tank provides added durability and great insulation for enabling the long service life. Waiting period is largely shortened, and less water is wasted during the using .

Thermostat control is also outfitted for automatically adjusting the water temp; once the temp is over the limit, the indicator lamp stays illuminated while the device is heating up the water. It can be floor or wall-mounted, you can plug it into a 120v outlet. Twenty lbs lightweight allows you to install it anywhere you desire.

  • External dial for controlling the water temperature easily
  • Easy to maintain
  • Thermostat control system
  • CSA listed temp and pressure relief valve improves safety
  • Endless supply of heated water
  • Simple installation
  • No freeze setting for the outdoor usage

4. Ecosmart ECO MINI 120V 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater:

This tankless heater is another mini one of the EcoSmart series of tankless water heaters; it can store up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute. And is capable of supplying flawlessly water no matter you’re washing hands or doing laundry. It is simple to be utilized; you can plug it into a 110v outlet.

Ecosmart-ECO-MINI-120V-2.5-Gallon 2020 tankless electric water heater


The machine line cord is incorporated in buying. You can utilize it as a helper for shortening the waiting time for the home system.The pressure relief tap is also incorporated, the fitting isn’t so simple if you don’t have basic knowledge about plumbing, and you can just locate the expert for helping you.

  • Pressure relief valve included
  • Point of use and buffer accessible
  • High energy efficient
  • Plug into 110v outlet
  • Mini-type for the under the sink or small studio usage
  • 5 gallons per minute of water flow
  • Hard to install

What Is A Point Of Use Water Heater?

There’re certain mechanisms in the house that are intended for covering the whole house. If you have a central AC system, that system usually delivers air to all your rooms equally. However, if you’ve a window AC, it can be contemplated point-of-use because it’s designed for serving a function in one particular area of your house. Just like that, the point-of-use water heaters are connected to the particular valve, supplying hot water from a small tank or on-demand. Like this, you don’t need to utilize your water heater for the rest of your house at a particular tap.

Advantages And Disadvantages:


  • Save Water:

The longer the waiting time of the hot water, the more water is being wasted in the using time. Once the tankless water heater is fitted point of use, the waiting time is reduced to a great extent, and thus much water is saved.

  • Save Time:

For the point-of-use tankless water heaters, it has to be fitted near the application fixture; thus, the distance between the heater and tap is so near. The hot water can run fast through the pipe and saves time.


  • Can’t be utilized as the backup for the geothermal heat pumps and solar heating system
  • Not appropriate for the big demand applications

What Are The Different Types Of Point Of Use Tankless Water Heaters?

Normally there’re three fitting spots for the point of use residential tankless water heaters usage, and according to every diverse applications, the types of which are also diverse. It’s fitted mostly for washing machines, for a shower, and also for bathroom or kitchen sink. Here, we’ll make a detailed introduction of every type according to the using spots.

1. Point Of Use Tankless Water Heater For The Washing Machines:

In everyday life, the washing machines are also in need of the hot water for cleaning; it’s tested that just two loads of laundry each week make use of more than five thousand gallons of water per year. Therefore, a water heater for your washing machine is capable of saving two to five percent on the water bills every month.

2. Point Of Use Tankless Water Heater For Shower:

When the POU tankless water heaters are utilized for your bathroom shower, the water rate is a little larger, and it has to be fitted on your bathroom wall near the application fixture. With such a fitting technique, the distance between your heater and destination is shortened, so the waiting time is shortened to a great extent.

3. Point Of Use Tankless Water Heater For Sink:

No matter you’re washing your hands in your baths, or washing dishes, or doing some other cleaning on your sink, POU heaters will all support the never ending supply of water. By fitting a heater under your sink, you can really enjoy the flawless hot water stream.

The Installation Of The Point Of Use Tankless Water Heaters:

Installation of the point of use tankless water heater isn’t so hard and is very straightforward. Once you have the outlet, you can simply plug it in and attach its supply line. The entire procedure of point of use water heater installation takes about just one hour. The smaller devices run on 120v, while big flow rate ones run on 240 volts, so make certain you have an appropriate outlet for that. And if you have propane or natural gas tankless water heater, then you might acquire a venting facility for letting the wasted gas out.

If you don’t have adequate knowledge about the installation process, please locate an expert to assist you. Such professionals will also help you determine the point of use water heater installation cost, which would be a great help. The performance of every tankless water heater is greatly determined by the installation, so pay a lot more attention to that.

The Point Of Use Tankless Water Heaters Vs. The Tank Water Heaters:

1. Tankless water heater:

The point of use tankless heater can decrease the large tank, no water will be stored in a tank, and no corrosion will happen inside the device, the service life of the unit can be quite long when compared with the tank types. It can heat water just when you require it, thus saves much water and energy for you.


  • Self-modulation system allows heating the water just when it is required
  • Never ending supply of water
  • Stylish small and compact shape

2. The Tank Water Heaters:

The point of use tank water heaters are really the smaller in size of the standard tank type, the standard range of which is 2.5 to 20 gallons per minute. Much water has to be stored in a tank, and during the using period, the hot water flows out of the pipe and utilized. Thus the flow rate is much bigger, but you might come across the situation of running out of the water during the using time.


  • The installation procedure is usually easy and can take a short time to fit.
  • Diverse designs and types can be selected
  • The heating procedure is quite fast

The Bottom Line:

The best point of use tankless water heater will carry much expediency to the everyday life of a user, and you can also make use of it for the outdoor camping or traveling. On choosing, you have to contemplate the actual requirements and the budget you have and then select the most appropriate one.

There’re still a lot of types of top-rated point of use tankless water heaters available, if you are interested in buying one of these water heaters, then please feel free to find out more products and their Details.